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Related post: Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 22:14:18 -0400 From: Sammie G Subject: Rain On Me, Chapter 14Disclaimer: This is a FICTIONAL story describing the love triangle of a teenage boy. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this lolite girls material is illegal where you are, then refrain from reading it. The story consists loli bbs nymphets of lust, incest, passion, teenage romance, interracial, love and all the rest of pedo lolicon preteen the good stuff in that order... Prepare to be rained on.Feel free to send email or comments about the story to Sum1pleZzCall911hotmail.comDefinition of Rain \ r-an\ v 2: To bestow abundantly RAIN ON ME ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Damien lay on the sofa watching the television, his dark eyes fixed on the screen. The air was cool in the house and Damien felt he needed some companionship. The want, the need, the hunger. Inside, Damien fought to hold back his imagination. His mind wondered into a limbo of lust and pleasure. As he lay there with his eyes closed damien saw a dark and shadowy figure. He moved closer to the figure the body became clearer and clearer. Damien touched the body and the image gained color. It was robbie standing before him in a brilliant light. A radiance of warmth came from him, like a comfort that Damien had long forgotten. The person was standing there, the boy who had showed him challenges, that were beyond imagining. The person who stood before him was the person loli chil he needed it to be. It was Robbie, completely exposed. His eyes met damiens and the two stared at each other, as though meeting for the first time. The moment felt like an eternity until cp kids lolitta pedo the silence was broken by a kiss. Robbie had reached and touched the back of Damien's head, closing their lips to form one person, one being, with kinders loli one purpose and that was to sandra board cgi loli love. Robbie broke the kiss, in his usual tease, making Damien's passion grow. It was the time when he needed to asian lolicon be aggressive. The scene began to change. They were no longer inside, but in a clear green meadow. The grass was about them as Damien straddled his young lover on it, wishing this moment would last forever.The clouds parted and young russian lolito porn the sun shined through the windows onto the two boys. The divine rays spread warmth and happiness through their veins. To his command white roses began to spout up around them and all of a sudden Damien was now entirely naked and this partner lay on the floor in the patch of sunlight.Damien lay on top of Robbie and stroked his nipples. He licked his ears all while Robbie made soft moans from the meadow grounds. They kissed and Damien felt his hand wander downwards His index finger stroked Robbie's belly button and it shot a chill down his spineRobbie began to calm Damien with soft whispers, airy whispers...almost saying nothing at all. He turned him around. The air was thin and the birds were singing outside as the hand made its way to Damien's genitalia. He stared to touch his silky pubic hair, caressing them with caring strides. Now completely erect, Robbie started to play with his mouth on Damien's length. Robbie fondled with Damien's length to get it its full 7 inches. The two knew what to do, without even saying anything. Robbie took Damien into his mouth, slowly caressing it with his tongue. Damien felt every slurp and every emotion possible. Damien moaned loudly out of pure pleasure and satisfaction.He pushed Robbie lolits virgin off his dick with such force that Robbie fell to the ground. Damien lunged at him immediately going to Robbie's cock. In a savage and thirsty manner Damien took Robbie's cock! He began to suck. with jolts of immense joy rushed all directions inside Robbie. The pleasure was building, stacking, until he couldn't take it anymoreAt that moment 3 blasts of white, man juices sprayed into Damien's mouth. Damien swallowed loli gallery bbs every drop.He continued preeteen loli teens to suck on Robbie's length trying to swallow all of the savory liquid. Robbie then sat up on the floor and kissed Damien. Their tongues collided and Damien fell back onto the floor. He swallowed Damien's 7 inch cock and the feeling escalated beyond anything he had ever feltAlmost immediately he cried and there was a blast of an enormous amount of white liquid. Damien sat up and their lips met. When the kiss broke there was loud.. .whistle... whistle?* ~"Damien wake up!"I looked next to me and saw Eric. We were both sitting on the middle of the football field with all the other guys who neglected to get dressed for gym class. The sun was hot and I really didn't feel like doing anything but sitting like we always did. It was all just a dream. All that those thoughts I had about Robbie, they were all just a dream...but they felt so very real.It was a year later now. A year since I had seen Robbie. He had disappeared like a lost dream, suddenly snatched up by the dust and then...gone. It hadn't been my first time dreaming of him and in all the dreams I seemed to remember how he pleased me physically. He pleased me so well physically that it began to cross over to a romantic love. It was all a dream, a vivid, weary and wrought dream. I missed him, more than I could admit and much more than sex tiny lolit I liked to believe that I would. It wasn't anything special right? wet loli Just a pretty face and a real good fuck. So why was I dreaming about gobbling down his semen, like I was in the middle of a lost island and that was all I had to survive lolipop pussy on?How were we separated?How did it happen that one day Robbie was loli gay living with me and we were having sex daily to it being that he had gone and now I was sitting in the middle of gym class dreaming about him? Well it was simple... ~It was a weekend night and I dark loli portal stood there tasting Robbie's every sweat and caressing him slowly. There was whip cream all over his pubes and even on his long extended dick that fit so well inside lo guestbook loli my hands. I remember his moans as I placed I leaned him back on the counter and began to play with his stomach, moving his abs. NOT TO MENTION HIS DIRTY WORDS! He could whisper anything into my ear and get me excited. I could get a hard on by the way he best loli child told me how the weather was outside!Well there I was leaning over him on the counter, stressing the feel of him next to me. He was groaning with emotional pleasure by the time my hand revealed it true intention. I was caressing him at that moment, his ball in my left hand and his dick in my right. I could feel lolity sexe free the touch of the scrotum, it was something like soft marbles in a beanie bag. As I played with his balls, I let my index finger slowly glide even further south, to the little crack in his ass that had stuck out from lolicon real nude the seat of the cabinet. He moaned louder."OHHH YEA!!!! DAMIEN!"Suddenly there was a big clash of glass and it had turned lola loli preteen models to see his mother, Dina. She was standing in the middle of the room floor. Her eyes were looking right into mine, dazed and angered. My father was by her side and Eric next to her. There faces all had different expressions, but the basis for these expression remained. We had been caught, in a most unnatural way, by the three people who would be far against us doing this act the most. Our parents stood with disappointment while Eric, stood there with lackluster mean stare towards me that he couldn't dark loli top keep for long even if he innocent russian loli wanted to. He would forgive me not even by the ptsc loli porn end of that same night. He would because he always did. The boy was in love with me...of course..."What's going on?" I remembered my father saying.I remember wanting to reply, 'Your not can see what's going on!"But instead I found myself saying, "Oh my god!"Then I could see myself pushing off loli model girl Robbie, who remained stunned on the table looking at his mother and suddenly it hit him that his mother had seen his dick covered in whip cream polish lolits porn thumbs while his soon-to-be stepbrother stood rubbing it down. I remembered how Robbie jumped back up to his feet in fear. I whimpered a little, like a stranded puppy and then took a look at my father. He was so very confused. So very lost.He has sat us all in the living room, even Eric, who seemed pussi loli to be rather irrelevant to the whole situation. I sat as far away from real lolicon girl nude Robbie as I possibly could. I didn't want them to be angry worse then they already were. The saddest thing about that whole time was that my hard-on had not gone down the whole time. The whole time I was talking to my father, even while we were being caught, my dick remained as lolicon porn non hentai hard as a statue and completely erect. I tried to hide it, but loli pedo fucked since I was doing a bad job at it and it was becoming completely awkward I just let it stand there. I noticed stares from Dina, Eric and Robbie at times. None of them staring at my eyes, but staring completely at the long hard dick as though they lolit portal were being distracted by it just loli porn models being there. I had already been embarrassed that night, nothing would make it worse."How long have the two of you been...well gay?" my father had asked a year ago.There was complete silence. I wasn't gonna answer it for sure. Not something that I loli cp model child wanted to talk to my father about. We were 'that' close."Ok, a better question," my father had lolite young girls rephrased, "How long have you been having sex with other boys?""I been having sex with guys as soon as I knew it was possible," Robbie said, "But if you say gay...well I never got any pleasure out of it...until I met your son that is."This had surprised me too that Robbie would come out and say it like that. I could see Dina rise up off her seat as though she was the linebacker for Buffalo Bills. She let out something that ( I swear to god) sounded like a roar. I saw veins popping from her head and all the sudden it was Jekyll turning into Hyde. The black shadow that would have been my stepmother covered the room lolicon hentai schoolgirls as she leaned forward and growled at her son."Did I raise you like that?!""No M`am.""How can you say that?" I suddenly asked, standing up to nude loli rompl meet her, "You are a hypocrite. I saw what you and my father do behind clothes doors. You sitting there with a real lolicon tgp camera while my father experimented with his sexuality!"I made it sound so stupid, like it was something off a Disney movie and I knew they weren't gonna take me more serious. I should have rephrased it, sort of made it less angry and more russian lolit photo defensive like I had intended to do. Oh well...too late now."We are grown!" my father shouted back, "What we do behind clothes doors is none of your business. But as long as you stay under my roof...for will abide by my rules! Now sit down!"I could see the glare in Dina's face as she looked at me with awe. She didn't think I could speak to her like that. I didn't think I could speak to her like that. Well I knew for sure that then they wouldn't get married. There was a long scowl after that when they kept on talking among themselves on what seemed like completely nonsense. I let it go, let them say what the had to say without interrupting pretty loli nude them. Then lolitta porn xxx suddenly things began to turn for the worse as Dina began getting emotional."I had rompl loli bbs plans for you. I wanted you to live a good life!" she lolits sex video was telling Robbie, clearly saying that she wanted Robbie 16yr bbs loli to use his good looks and marry a rich man's daughter."Mom, you can't understand. My life is just fine.""IT IS?! You want to go around fucking other boys! You want to run off and get married to this little FAGGOT!?"It was deathly blunt. Her long finger was pointing at me now as though to cast me down like teen lolipop nude sex a judge of some sort. She was condemning me, telling me now that I had done something loli defloration wrong. I looked to my father, knowing that he had better do something...before I did."HEY! You can't speak to my son that way!" I heard my father calling out and standing to face Dina. They looked at each other like two strong bulls."I can't believe that your sticking up for him," she cried, "That boy is the devil. I can see it in his eyes!""A devil!""YOU KNOW HE IS!""My son was fine until you came into this house, with your little extra baggage. Haven't you noticed. Robbie running around half naked all the dame time, thinking he is a statue of Michelangelo! You know as well as I do who seduced who in this house!"Dina seemed surprised my undrage loli father was standing up for me, "There is nothing wrong with my son. He is loli babysitter story a man. If some slut whore throws there ass at him, then my son would catch it.""Slut whore!" my father cried out and I think I could see steam coming from his nose."He's always had a little crush on Robbie, you seen them in the kitchen!""You know what?" my father said grabbing Dina's stuff, "I want you to take your jong loli sexy stuff, your little statue of David son and get the hell out of my little slut whore house!"I could hear more screaming as Dina began to pack up her stuff, swearing up and down that my father was making the worst mistake for taking my side and saying how much he was gonna ru loli pussy want her back. My father was still trying to get back at the slut whore remark, cursing Dina via Robbie. He said the meanest little things about Robbie that I ever heard. All were true, but some things were better left unsaid. The wounds in the night were beginning to rise until they had become unable to repair. I knew there would be no way going back from that day. The anger in the house. I remembered the cold breeze as Dina called her mother to help her move all her loli bb little gallery stuff. I remember her and my father tgp lolits fighting over everything. Then I remember Robbie's look at me when he came to me. Despite it all, all the anger that was going on he was just staring at me."Robbie come on, we are leaving!" Dina called to her son.My father called back immediately, "Goddam leeches. We didn't want you here anyway!"I watched Robbie walking to the door and slowly got up to follow him. He was approaching the door, slowly moving into the grasp of his mother who was hesitantly reaching for him to get out of the house as soon as possible. Suddenly I saw him turn around and run into me. lolit hairy He was holding onto me, his hands clutching onto my shirt. At first I was surprised teen porn movies lolits and didn't know what to do, as I felt his body next to mine, preteen models rompl loli sort of holding on for dear life. Had I allowed him to fall so deep in love with me?"I never want to let you go,"I heard him whisper in my ear softly.Slowly I gave into his clutches and returned it with a warm hug. It didn't last long. I could see Dina pulling her son by the loli darkcollections back while my father starting to loosen his grip around me. I tried hesitantly to breath as I felt Robbie squeezing harder against me, holding on with every thing he had."LET GO!" Dina cried."Help me!" I could hear my father calling out and I knew who he was talking to. loli pedo kds In that same second Eric was on the other side, fighting hard to loosen Robbie's grip on my clothing. Was this boy, who loved me so much really Robbie? It was really hard to believe, even for me. Soon they had gotten him off of bald lolitta pussy me and slowly dragged him out into a car, while they shoved me into the kitchen. ~That was how Robbie left me. Now it loli preteen cp pthc was a year later. Eric and I were closer than little virgins loli ever. Somehow, Robbie's departure had been the last obstacle in the relationship between Eric and I. We stood there sitting on the grass like we did everyday. On this same grass, Eric planned out our future and I allowed him. I hadn't loved Eric the way I needed to and wanted to. Robbie had gone and my father came to accept me being gay. He even pushed Eric closer to me, so that Eric could stop that great depression I was about to go in and fill free lolicon videos the vagueness that Robbie had left. My father liked Eric, treated him like a son and really enjoyed his company. Everything was good. Of course my father had made me quit my job at the Syndicate, after hearing how I had been tied up in that room. Still everything was smooth. My father had gotten a new girlfriend, Rebecca and by the time I knew it Rebecca was pregnant and my father was engaged again.Rebecca was a much nicer match for my father. She wasn't as beautiful as Dina and didn't have a hot son, but she was more mature. She seemed to know the role of a mother much more than Dina did. For a while, I began child loli models to look forward to my new half brother coming lolicon picture sites into the world and even to the kind Rebecca remaining in my life.Eric and I had decided that once we graduated we would move out and get an apartment in New York to go to college. We would live together, like a normal couple would. We wouldn't get married or anything like that, but it was our dream to spend an eternity as though together. "Damien, I hope you enjoyed your snooze today," I could hear Coach Simmons saying to me. Coach Simmons was a tall slinky man, with huge biceps and deep eyes. He wasn't the nicest man, but he was always the man that you would expect a few secrets from. He looked down at me with a look that he had given me many times before. It was an expression that I didn't accept and then soon chose to ignore. I watched as he turned and walked away, his long steroid arms lacking after him, as though they had just been attached to his body. "Dang we are really gonna fail loli young nude this loli 14 yo japan class!" Eric said suddenly, still too lazy to stand up and participate in the sports, "This goddam sucks." "I know," I said laying cute teenies loli models on my stomach and starring out to where Coach Simmons was, "Its nothing new. Coach Simmons fails half the people who takes his class." "I'm glad you're so calm about this," Eric raged, rubbing the sweat off his baby smooth skin, "You know what this means right. We fail class...have to repeat it and stay all summer. That means we can't move into that apartment until fall!" Eric really had his plans set out about moving to the apartment. lolicon and free He had already put down payments on it, but wouldn't let me go see it. He said it was a surprise. He was really excited about it. He kept saying how he was gonna get us jobs and that he was gonna buy me a car and all that. It seemed like this whole time he had just been waiting to start a life and he had it all planned. I could see that Eric's plans were shapely, completely drawn out and that if we had to repeat gym class in the summer, it would completely ruin his outlook on it. I didn't want to lolicon imageboard make that happen. "Relax. If we play it smart we won't have to repeat the class?" "We don't?" underage loli alfa "Not if he doesn't fail us." Eric started to laugh again steadily and it was full of nervousness, still he couldn't stop finding some kind of humor in it all. The nervousness had taken him to really start to wipe his sweat of his forehead. The senior year had REALLY been a lazy time for both of us. We both just wanted to get out of high school and sort of instead of fighting against the storm, waiting until it passed us. "I'm so glad you think this is funny," he said suddenly and put his head down. I had gotten darker since the summertime hit near graduation, but Eric on the other hand was still that creamy caramel, with cute cheeks and perfect red lips. He had the ultimate nice guy look that went against him at times, but sometimes worked so well for him. "I know what I'm talking about. If we play our cards right...ol` Simmons won't fail us. He couldn't fail us." "How is that? We haven't participated since September and that was only because we were psyched about starting the school year. HE'S GONNA FAIL US!" "OK---Can you shut up for a minute? You remember Byron, right?" The thought of Byron wasn't something that Eric seemed to enjoy. I saw his face lower into a soft dark emotion that he was trying to conceal from me. Byron had been best friends with Robbie and as far as Eric was concerned, he was ambassador for Robbie. He spoke Robbie's words and all that. Byron however had taken a sort of protective role. He taught me a lot of things about the world that I never knew. He tried to keep me away from trouble, as well as keeping back the horny guys who found out that I was attracted to dick from "unknown" sources...namely Terrence. Still Byron had gotten closer to me as well, in a good way. "Yeah, I remember Byron." "Byron said that Timothy Grains was about to fail this class loli models petit last year. You remember Tim right?" It was something like a joke but I knew Eric wouldn't take it as such. He thought I was nagging him about that time he had sex with Timothy Grains while I was getting real serious with him. I didn't mind. He gave me a long hard look. "Ok, I'm just saying. Timothy found out something about ol` Simmons that no one knew. It seems like all you have to do to pass his class is give him a little something." I smiled at the thought of it. "Are you serious?" "How do you think Timothy Grains passed? I'm very serious. This is our ONLY chance right now." Eric looked away almost still unsure, "What are we supposed to give to him?" "I guess we can just jerk him off. He's a old guy and a teacher. He doesn't have time for much more anyway." preteen en lolitta "I don't want you to jerk him off, Damien!" Eric said, "I thought we were trying to get serious with each other again." free angel loli "Fine, you do it." "I don't want to cheat on you either! Besides, if we get caught, imagine what will happen. What if he doesn't like us? He probably had a thing for Timothy." fisting anal lolits "Look at Timothy, then look at you." There really was no comparison. Eric, even with his young attributes, looked a lot better than Timothy Grains who seemed to be the meeting place of a crossdresser and a Backstreet boy. "No," Eric said, "Look at Timothy and look at you." I didn't know what Eric saw in me that was so special. Either way he was touching the side of my face already, trying to get emotion out of it. I wanted to kiss him, right there on the open field but I knew that my feelings for him would just have to wait. We looked at each other for a long time until the bell rang and everyone started into the locker room. "Are we really gonna do this?" he asked me as we walked down towards the locker room, right behind Simmons. "We have to." "When we gonna do it?" "We could stay afterwards in the locker room, when everyone leaves and only Simmons is left." "Are we both gonna jerk him off?" "I dunno, Eric! We'll find out when we get to that part." We sat in the locker rooms, getting changed into our normal clothes. I usually looked around to see the boys in their boxers and tightie whities, when Eric wasn't looking. Today though, I found myself completely in a zone trying to find a free nude lolittas plan of how I was gonna approach the coach on something so different. I tried to imagine how Timothy Grains did it. Then again, Timothy Grains kids loli muschi was always the flirty type and probably could flirt with anyone at anytime. I wasn't that good at it. The bell had rung and russian lolittas video Eric looked towards me as though full of questions. He probably thought I was joking about it, but I really didn't want to stay the summer in the school making up gym classes. The students began to rush out of the class and we hid behind the lockers as Simmons began to call everyone and rush them out of the locker rooms. "Get out! Go do something, anything. As long as its not here!" "Eric, get undressed," I told him as I too began to take off my shirt. "Naked?" "Of course." "Damien, lets just forget about it. I can pull a couple of strings and maybe it would even be better to move into the apartment in the fall." "Listen, you want to move in this summer. So we are going to move in this summer. If you don't want to do it, I'm still going to." "Crap. How do you talk me into these things?" I could see him unbuttoned his belt, sneaking through the corner of my eye. He wasn't in the mood to be naked. I had gotten naked before him, hopefully to give him some courage in the matter. My chest was bare and there was a cold wind that blew up against my chest, making my nipples erect and my dick semi-hard. Eric, however, didn't have that much luck. He was beautiful of course, no matter how he tried not to be. But he seemed awkward, completely drastic almost. Then I could see his dick. It wasn't hard at all. He was poking at it of course, to make it look more presentable, but it just wasn't working. I leaned into him and gave him a long wet kiss, massaging his dick against my own as I did so while I leaned him against the locker. What I thought was just to make his dick a little hard turned into something bigger. As I tried to pull back, Eric pulled me even closer, gripping my buttocks as though they were something like a basketball. He palmed them and pulled me closer to him, separating his legs and pulling my body into him as we stood together chest to chest against the locker. "Who's lolitta free sex here?" I heard the voice of ol` Simmons. It didn't matter. He already knew what was going on. "Hey coach," I said, like I said every day that I saw him. I was realizing Eric's struggle to run away and pushing up against him. I licked his lips biting them while I watched Simmons looking at us, then suddenly I saw him lick his lips as though I had bitten onto his lips and not Eric's. Eric of course was quickly driven by lust and his dick was no longer lackluster. It had gotten almost fully erect, poking between the meeting of my thighs and even lifting my balls slowly with the strong cock. He was squeezing my ass harder, as he pulled me closer. "You want to join us coach?" Eric finally said, breaking away from sex lolitta the fear and noticing the oppurtunity in Coach Simmons being attracted by the two of us being intimate with one another. "Hell yea!" The blunt coach said, riding up quickly behind me, I could feel him pressing against me, grappling onto my buttocks and pushing his torso into me as though we were already naked and fucking. He was kissing the back of my neck, sucking onto it and giving it a hickey. "Wait!" I heard Eric call out and I thought that hopefully he hadn't gotten out of his part. Then suddenly I noticed that it was just a quick reaction from seeing someone being with me so quickly. Eric pushed him against the wall and slid his naked body against the coach. He was grinding up against the coach slowly and suddenly I began to feel that jealousy I had felt when lolicon tpg I saw Eric with Timothy Grains. He was a beautiful sight, his tight ass and perfect caramel skin rubbing up against the coach. He rubbed the coach's stomach japanese loli models and suddenly I saw the hungry coach open mouth kiss my boyfriend with passion. If I didn't know better I would think that Eric was enjoying it. He was beginning to moan and slowly take control of the coach as thought the coach was his little sex toy. He loosened the sweat-pants of the coach and watched them drop ru loli kdz pron to the floor. The coach and Eric sat on the floor now leaning against the locker room door. I was watching at first feeling a little jealous and yet still aroused by seeing Eric in action. He got to the coach's large dick before I knew anything and all of rape pedo loli young a sudden, I was joining them. I came close and allowed the coach to nibble on my neck while Eric began to jerk him preteens lolitta off. "Oh Yea. Pull that cock!" he ordered Eric, "This your boyfriend, Eric? You guys fuck each other a lot?" "Ummmm, oh yeah!" Eric agreed began to jerk the coach off harder. "You got fuck each other up rape preteen lolite com the ass?" "Yep!" "UGHHH YEAH!" He seemed to be interested in what I do with Eric. I wanted Eric loli defloration ru to jerk this guy off faster to get this over with so I can go please myself somewhere else. It loli nude kid blog was a very warming time. "You know... I always had a fantasy about you two being together. I heard it was true, but never really knew," he said moaning even louder, "Why don't you kiss each other?" the coach asked bluntly. Eric kissed me now, a russians loli childs long tender kiss. I could feel his tongue pushing spit deep inside of my throat as my thick lips grinded against his pink lips. I moaned in excitement and tgp dark loli so did he, trying to give the coach a look into how it felt for us to be pleasing each other. "UGhh yeah, go. Stop jerking me off and lloli models go touch your boyfriend. I wanna see this!" It was strange at the moment, but Eric listened. He got off the coach's dick and came to me. loli 3d movie top The coach began to pound it himself, way harder than Eric was doing. I thought for a moment that the flesh was going to come off of the dick because of how hard he was pounding his dick. shocking tgp loli Eric grabbed me around my waist. and pulled me close, so close that our bodies had suddenly teen pre loli been so like one. We kissed and locked lips. Our tongues intertwined and my hands straddled the ass of Eric. svens loli guestbook It was a strange touch at first, much different then how it felt to touch Robbie's ass. Eric's ass was more defined, almost as though touching muscle. Eric long tongue went into my ear slowly and began loli image bbs board to blow into it, His tongue licked all around my ear and the side of my face, leaving wet cinnamon smelling saliva around me. "OHHHhhH yeah. I'm about to cum," Simmons called out, his dick getting red from all the force he was putting on it. Eric and I moaned, as svens boards loli Simmons let go of all his juices. The sperm rolled down his pant leg, up his shirt around his arm, even all over the gym floor and he was still pre teen loli cumming, still yanking at his cock, in no mood to even think about all the mess he was making. The white goo wen all over him and as it was about to fall on Eric, I slowly pulled him back. I didn't want anything to be on Eric...that wasn't mine. I couldn't help but letting hot lolicon out a little laugh as the big masculine football coach stood uncontrollably spreading cum all over the place. It seemed that it was a lifetime that he was spraying the white goo all over himself but it was really a well rounded minute. Eric lolia gallery and I climbed up onto our feet and looked at him, coming out of his long seizure into legal lolicon pics a long tranquil. He had definitely needed to release a lot of tension he felt watching us laying on the turf and daydreaming about us. Eric began to walk away and get dressed so that in case antyhing happened to the coach, we wouldn't be linked to it. I was following close behind, beginning to slowly observe the difference between Eric's ass and my own, then I turned back to the coach. "And oh yea Coach?" He moaned in recognition. "What grade are we getting in lolicon teen this class?" "A."
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